Robin Rhodes, Duane Michals, and Alec Sloth

Robin Rhodes

Robin is a South African artist that works with many different medias, including chalk, paint, and charcoal. He first started out creating performances with the work that he made but later moved onto turning them into photography sequences and animations.

Robin’s work reminds me of a realistic cartoon because of the drawn/ painted aspects but also enhancing that look because of the photography sequences. Its very effective because you only receive a little bit of information at a time and have to move onto the next image and so forth to get the whole story.

Duane Michals

Duane uses photography sequences and a lot of times incorporates text. He focuses on subjects such as philosophy and emotion. For example, in the image titled “This Photograph is My Proof”, he pairs the picture with text telling how the image was a man’s proof that she once loved him.

I think sometimes text is hard to work with because it can give you and overload of information but the way Duane uses it adds to the images. He takes photographs that could be represented as just another snapshot and with the text puts another view point into the mix.

Alec Sloth

Alec is a photographer that portrays a movie feel to his images and adds elements of tale into them. He adds these elements so that the viewer can get a sense of story behind the images. He does this whether it is a person, place, or object. For example, he has several letters that he photographed about love and heart-ache that other people wrote, to give the viewer a piece of their story.

I liked the majority if Alec’s work but some of the images weren’t as appealing to me. I really enjoyed reading all the letters from different people and the images of the nude figures but it confused me a little to then show random motels and then pictures of the waterfall in the project titled “Niagra”.


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