Mark Klett, Arthur Liou, and Jeffrey Wolin

Mark Klett

Mark is a photographer who focuses on a person’s interaction with landscape. He also uses photography to anylze aspects of time (rephotography). He takes the same landscape and photographs it as time passes.

I think Mark’s work is amazing because it isnt dated in the fact that people of all ages can look at the past and interact with it. I have always thought certain landscapes were beautiful, but Mark uses the person’s interaction with that landscape. For example, in one piece he has blurred the person in the photography but illuminated a computer GPS screen and also using the light from the moon.

Arthur Liou

Arthur has worked with many different types of media but works mostly on photography and broadcasting those photographs. He works digitally to enhance the photos and usually displays them in public area’s like a broadcast to the public. For example, the piece titled “Bloodworks”, is about the devastation chemo does to the body, which was inspired by his daughter who has leukemia.

I think it is wonderful that Arthur has taken something so personal and is able to share it with the world through his art. In that particular piece, we get to see something that we are completely blinded too and then we are shown in detail. I get the feeling of sadness and destruction from the piece, which makes it extremely powerful. The fact that Arthur broadcasts his art on big billboards in public places ties in to his past as well, which is why he chooses such as his medium.

Jeffrey Wolin

Jeffrey is a photographer who focuses his theme on narrative images. He depicts people’s lives, so that the viewer can get a piece of that story. Jeffrey also enjoys the use of text as well, which is shown in his Vietnam War Veterans portraits. The text is put in the background of the images, of the memorial wall.

At my age it is sometimes hard to grasp the feeling of certain events that happened in the past but I think with Jeffrey’s Veteran pictures, it lets any age in to feel a little bit of the heart-break that those people endured. I think it was good that Jeffrey choose to do them in black and white because I feel like if he had done them in color, they wouldn’t have been as strong. The black and white also gives a reference to the past, a kind of nostalgia.


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