Jenny Holzer, Cory Arcangel, Pipilotti Rist

Jenny Holzer

Jenny originally focused on painting and printmaking but soon got into working with photography and projections. Jenny takes a series of text and projects them onto very public spaces. She uses LED lights as her medium. She started out using her own text that she had come up with on her own and now she mainly works with the text that others have written, whether they are famous quotes or people she doesn’t know.

I thought Jenny’s work was brilliant. She sometimes uses quotes that can be a little vulgar, things people would never say out load and magnifies them so everyone can interact with it. I think most times projections, if large enough, have much more of an impact on us. This is especially true if it is viewed in a very public place, a place where we are not expecting it.

Cory Arcangel

Cory is a digital artist who focuses on the relationship between technology and culture/ the media. Most of his work consists of working with the old Mario games. For example, in a couple pieces Cory digitally took away everything in the image except for the clouds in the video game. He uses the same digital altering in many other pieces as well.

I wasn’t really every into the Mario games because I think because of location and age and so Cory’s work was as interesting to me because I feel it was a little dated. The images with the clouds just looked a little like he had drawn the clouds using the computer and that was it, I just didn’t prefer it but the concept behind Cory’s work is very strong I think. Cory is taking something that is so widely known and re-working it to make his own and re show it to the public is great.

Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti is a video artist. Her pieces usually only last a couple minutes. She alters sound, speed, and color in everything she does. Pipilotti’s focus is mainly on the body, sexuality, and gender. A lot of people have thought she is feminist because of the very bubbly feel to her work.

I actually really enjoyed Pipilotti’s work because the colors are so bright, that it just tends to make you happy. They are very large scale pieces and I think that that is a good thing because it wouldn’t have the same feel to it if the happiness is overwhelming. Its like getting lost in your own very colorful world of the body.


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