Jeffrey Bail, Mathew Ritchie, and John Michael Boling

Jeffrey Bail

It was really hard to find any work that Jeffrey does let alone know what his concepts behind his art is. But, it looks to me like he is mainly a photography and he takes the concepts of photographing individual aspects of a project and then the final result being the complete set-up in its entirety.

Because I couldnt find a lot of work by Jeffrey Bail it was hard to tell whether I liked his work or not. The images I did see weren’t really standing out and I have no idea what the concept is behind his work.

Mathew Ritchie

Mathew does installations of paintings, light boxes, sculpyures, wall drawings, and projections. His concept behind his work is the idea of information and how it can be explored through architecture, science, history, and culture.

I was fasinated by Mathew’s work. He combines all types of media and uses knowledge of the past and present subjects to be inspirations for his work. I thought many of them were striking and colorful and modern. I would have loved to see some of these pieces in person because each one has a different view point and history behind it and I would like to be able to soak everything in instead of just seeing it through a computer screen.

John Michael Boling

John uses a mixture of photography and (mostly) video to represent his work. He takes video’s and images and re-works them to create his art. This is another artist that was hard to find which concepts he has chosen so its still a little unclear what the purpose behind his work is.

I didn’t really care for the John’s art just because it seemed very dated to me. It had a lot of already made aspects to it that he didn’t himself do. It seemed like a bunch of clips that he just put together. Most of them seemed distracting and not appealing to me.


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