Bill Viola, Paul Pfeiffer, and Stephen Vitiello

Bill Viola

Bill is a video artist that combines digital with sound. He focuses mainly on human experiences such as birth, death, and aspects of consciousness. He also has been focusing on dualism, which states that you can’t understand one without the other(ex: life and death, light and dark etc.).

I think Bill’s work is amazing. He takes concepts that everyone much face but don’t ever think about or analyze and brings it to view. I know that he usually gets mixed reviews because of him stating the obvious, but even though the concept is obvious, we don’t see it until we are confronted with it and that’s what Bill is trying to portray in his work.

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul is a photographer, video, and sculpture artist. He uses technology to take apart the major roles that mass media play in shaping our thoughts. For instance, in a lot of his pieces, Paul takes sports shots and digitally takes out the bodies of the players from the game and shifts the attention towards the audience, spectators, the equipment itself, or the goals/ trophies of the game.

Since I am not a huge fan of sports (yep sorry), the images are not my favorite out of the artists but the images and concept themselves are great. Through norms we are trained to see the same things over and over again and rarely look outside the box. Paul has taken what we don’t process first and giving it to us as the main subject, making it not just other still frame.

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen is an electronic musician and sound artist. His focus is on taking incidental noises and turning them into beautiful soundscapes. He can also be called a photographer because when he sets up to record sounds, he photographs the setups.

I listened to Stephen’s soundscapes and I would have never guessed that they were incidental sounds. There is so many things we hear but don’t process because we can only process a certain amount of information. He takes these sounds and makes wonderful music with it, all digitally. I really enjoyed listening to a variety of mixes he has made.


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