Anne Massoni, Jordan Tate, and Belinda Haikes

Anne Massoni

Anne focuses her work on photography and uses the concept of remembering. She uses a combination of stories not yet heard and ones that havent been created yet.  She creates her imagery with sections of her work and then other portions she finds so it intertwines truth and the fictional.

I think Anne’s work is very strong, especially with her concept. In a lot of ways her work reminds me of the different aspects within yourself, the fight between what once was and what is now or to come. I enjoy that it plays with space in time because that is what is in our world that is consistent, yet every changing.

Jordan Tate

Jordan is a photographer that focuses on the difference between seeing the world through the lens of the camera and seeing the world through ocular seeing. He uses the camera as an instrument to focus in on what you should be seeing (is enhancing the blurriness of the image), rather then actual snapshots. Jordan does this because he believes that snapshots have desensitized  viewers from seeing the reality in its truth.

I am a huge fan of Jordan’s work because he doesn’t give you the whole picture in clarity. It makes you truly analyze what is going on in the image and determining what information you need to fill in to complete the image. I truly agree that sometimes we see so many snapshots in the media, that we don’t even take a second look at them anymore because its everywhere and I want to see something I can use my imagination to fill in the blanks. Its not fun if all the information is handed to you on a platter.

Belinda Haikes

Belinda uses a variety of mediums including: photography, animation, video, and drawings. Belinda doesn’t have any particular formula to how she uses these mediums, its all depends on the conceptual need of the particular piece she is working on. Her focus is on the mundane things in life and also focuses on the connections of one person to another.

I enjoyed that Belinda works with all types of mediums because it gives a body of work that has variety. I like belinda am one of those artists that come up with concepts and then figure out the best possible way to push my concept further instead of limiting mediums. A lot of her work was very pleasing but there were a few things that I personally weren’t as attracted too.


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