John Baldessarri, Vito Acconci, and Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell

John Baldessarri

John Balessarri uses existing photographs and then changes the images to focus on irony in his pieces. He creates the image to look more absurd. He uses very bright colors and simple shapes to portray these absurdities. I enjoy John’s work because he uses existing black and white photography and places simple colorful shapes over top to get a feeling on comedy. His work makes me want to laugh because it jokes around with something more simple and serious. It also gathers questions as to what the initial image was to begin with. He definitely takes the old into a new modern light.

Vito Acconci,

Vito Acconci is an architect, installation artist, and photographer. His sculptures and his architectural pieces in buildings have a very flowing exterterrestial feel to them. A lot of his photography is shown having someone (including himself) interacting with an object. In one self portrait he is captured in the pictures on interacting with a ball that is being thrown. In another piece of his a person is interacting with a shadow on the wall that is of another person. I liked Vito’s work because of the diversity of the body of his work, it cam be completely out there to where they seem to be not of this world and then they can also be touching on something so simple as catching a ball.

Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell

Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell are collaborating artists dealing with art and technology. They mix installations and other forms of art and combines it with different technologies to comprise their pieces. They use the web, electrodes, video, photography, and music to name a few, to make  the installations interact with the viewers. They use these medias and electronic forms as their “type of canvas”. A lot of people dont know how technology is changing and these two artists wanted to show people just how much you can do with it, especially in the art world. I find it very interesting that these two artists have used a modern way to display their work and they make their audience get personally involved into to their pieces. I think the interactions of the viewers make the audience take more of an interest because they are personally involved. Even though I am not directly involved in the pieces, just seeing others participating wants you to be a part of their world.


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