Matt Siber, Ian Whitmore, and Jon Gitelson

Matt Siber –

Matt is a photographer and shows his work full time in Chicago as well as many other countries. In his untitled project, Matt removes all the text from a photograph and places them exactly how they are in the original photo but onto a seperate image and then places that image next to the original one. I really enjoy Matt’s work because it views how much text is actually used in our landscapes and how we dont usually notice the small things until they are shown in direct view.

Ian Whitmore –

Ian has done a couple series of photgraphs including Nowhere and Channels. In the Channels series, Ian photographed T.V.’s in different places on different channels and in Nowhere, Ian photographed plants in different types of landscapes and environments. I can see the thought process that Ian is trying to portray but I dont really feel inspired by his work. I like simplicity when it comes to art but I feel like I missed the point to the pieces, and maybe thats what he was trying to get across.

Jon Gitelson –

Jon does a variety of art including photography, video, and more. He did one project where he set up cameras across from neighborhood garbage cans that were being stolen and then returned. He recorded video and captured images of some people doing some bizarre things when they thought no one was watching them. In another project of Jon’s he gathered up all the advertisements he received on his door and for each place covered a car in them and then took the car to that place and photographed it. I really enjoy Jon’s work just for the fact that he’s taken ordinary everyday bothers and has produced them into art and turned something mundane into interesting thought.


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